The key to healthy red-carpet ready hair like Cate’s is to first get it in top condition with a protecting haircare range. My Strength & Repair range enriched with Argan oil Is great for damage-prone, fragile hair which is a common problem particularly on lightened hair such as Cate’s.

Step 1:
Prepare hair with Charles Worthington Strength & Repair Shampoo (RRP £5.99) and apply nourishing Charles Worthington Longer & Stronger Hair Masque (RRP £5.99) which has been formulated to reduce breakage and help your hair grow to its maximum length. Rinse hair thoroughly.
Step 2:
Work silky Charles Worthington Secrets Collection Pro-Heat Repair Milk (RRP £12.99) through damp hair to weightlessly reinforce the hair and protect hair from heat styling.
Step 3:
Part hair into a deep side-parting while still wet And dry completely.
Step 5:
Divide hair into 2” sections and curl using a medium barrel curling iron on each section to create ringlets. Make sure you alternate the direction of the curls for each hair segment.
Step 6:
Once your hair is all curled in ringlets, gently brush out the curls with a paddle brush to soften the look. Tuck hair on one side over your ear and spritz with Charles Worthington Long Lasting Max Hold Hairspray (RRP £5.99) to keep the look in place for up to eight hours.