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A delicate tiara adds the finishing touch to a 'princess' perfect look

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For the perfect princess bridal look, a tiara is a 'must-have' accessory 

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Olivier Laudus' online boutique offers a selection of beautiful options like this Ella tiara 

28 MAY 2009

If you've decided to go down the 'princess' route for your big day, a tiara is, of course, the must-have accessory.

For the vast majority of women, their wedding day is probably the only occasion in their life when they will wear one. It goes without saying that for many women donning a tiara is the moment when she feels most like a bride.

They can be worn with or without a veil, and add a classically regally touch to the overall look. If you're struggling to find something that works with your gown locally, online boutique has some pretty options, ranging from £30 to £200 and to suit all tastes.

Among them are a silver headpiece set with rhinestones, a crystal-detailed side tiara and an unusual floral-inspired piece.


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