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Celebrity-inspired hairstyles for weddings

10 JULY 2013

Whether you're the blushing bride, the beautiful bridesmaid or a gorgeous guest you have to look your best for a wedding. The dress, shoes and bag are all important factors, but your hair can completely change your style.

Click on the photo below for a gallery of wedding hairstyles.

HELLO! Online has selected 15 celebrities and taken inspiration from their hair-do's to find the perfect style that would suit any wedding attendee.



Follow in the footsteps of Kate Middleton and wear your hair half up as the Duchess did on her wedding day, or give yourself an edgier look like Kate Beckinsale and opt for a messy low bun with loose waves.

Perhaps you'll want to keep your hair out of the way for the day, and style it into a fishtail braid like Lucy Liu, or a tight top bun like Sarah Jessica Parker? The choice is yours.


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