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Vintage inspired wedding gowns: how to dress like the stars

30 APRIL 2014 After celebrity brides such as Kate Moss, Millie Mackintosh and Tatiana Santo Domingo opted for the "boho chic" look at their weddings, the "vintage" theme has soared in popularity.

Kate Moss' wedding dress goes on display

More and more women are donning gowns that evoke that golden-age glamour, wearing dresses that feature lace, feathers, sequins, embroidery and such.

The upcoming Wedding Dresses 1775-2014 exhibition at the Victoria and Albert museum in London, which opens on Saturday 3 May, traces the history of the wedding dress and gives a nod to vintage gowns.

In honour of the new display, HELLO! Online has scoured the bridal boutiques and found the most stunning vintage inspired wedding dresses you'll want to get your hands on.


Vintage wedding dresses


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