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Has Kelly Brook got married? Model hints she has already tied the knot

30 MAY 2014 Kelly Brook has hinted that she has married David McIntosh. The brunette model posted a picture on Instagram of herself with David, referring to him as her "husband" and alluding to "wedding celebrations".

"Look how happy my husband looks :)," Kelly wrote alongside the snap. "#Eurostar #France #WeddingCelebrations @grifco @laurentoub."

kelly brook

Kelly Brook: "Look how happy my husband looks :),#Eurostar #France #WeddingCelebrations"

Kelly, 34, announced her engagement to former Gladiator David last month via her Instagram, posting a picture of the couple holding a balloon bearing the word 'Engaged'.

They had been together on-and-off for just 12 weeks when David, 27, popped the question, having first met Kelly on New Year's Eve at her London bar, Steam & Rye.

kelly brook
Kelly Brook got engaged to David Macintosh in March

Speaking to Now magazine about their initial introduction, David said: "I got chatting to her but I didn't think it was going to go anywhere. Kelly's a nice girl, I like her company. She's a great person and the best thing about it was we just clicked, so I've been spending a lot of time with her."


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