Duchess of Alba opens up about her younger fiancé

Duchess of Alba opens up about her younger fiancé

More on the Duchess' incredible love story

It is the age-defying romance that caught the world's attention.

And now – with little more than a month left to go before her wedding, the Duchess of Alba has opened up about the younger man who has stolen her heart.

Spain's well-loved aristocrat gave an exclusive interview to HELLO! magazine's sister publication HOLA!

In it, she describes Alfonso Diez Carabaotes, whom she has known for 30 years, as "fantastic".

"He is a wonderful person," she adds of the civil servant – who, at 61 is 24 years her junior.

"He is the person who has completely changed my life."

The couple first faced opposition from the Duchess' children – but after she divided up her vast inheritance between them, the wedding will go ahead in October.

Thursday September 1, 2011

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