Farrah left final letter for her troubled son Redmond

Farrah left final letter for her troubled son Redmond

Ryan O'Neal and his son Redmond were moved to tears as they listened to a letter written to them by the Charlie's Angels star before her death from cancer last week.

The note read out by a friend at her funeral was intended to give her and Ryan's wayward boy inspiration to overcome his substance abuse issues. 

In it the actress tells the 24-year-old: "The greatest gift of my life was to be your mother".

"By leaving you behind I hope you will be able to work out all your troubles and grow as a person."  

Redmond attended the service in the presence of police officers, having been given three hours release from jail to say goodbye to his mother.

In a lighter tone, the letter also addressed the actress's 30-year on/off relationship  with Ryan, which was full of twists and turns. "When I figure out what it's all about I can tell you", she wrote.

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Thursday July 2, 2009

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