Liev Schreiber talks about Naomi's career

Liev Schreiber talks about Naomi's career

Liev Schreiber has admitted he would never try to compete with his partner Naomi Watts careerwise as she's in a different league.

The X Men actor told Easy Living magazine that there is not even friendly competition between the couple.

He said: "Ha - none! Naomi is on a different level."

Discussing the paparazzi attention they get as a famous couple, he said: "It was difficult at first.

"Unlike Naomi, I don't have a paparazzi-friendly face - something about my Slavic, aggressive eyebrows maybe. So it was a new experience for me."

Liev, 45, stars in The Reluctant Fundamentalist, a film about a young Pakistani's conflict between his career on Wall Street, a hostage crisis and the call of his homeland in a post-9/11 world.

Tuesday May 7, 2013

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