Chris Evans to fill Terry Wogan's shoes on radio breakfast show

Monday September 7, 2009

Sir Terry Wogan has disappointed fans by confirming the news that he is leaving his Radio 2  Wake Up To Wogan show at the end of the year.

"I wanted to be first to tell you," the veteran broadcaster told listeners during his daily show, which fellow funnyman Chris Evans is due to take over.

"I'd rather leave while we're in love, as the song says, while the programme is the most popular on British radio, while we still delight in each other's company.

"Your loyalty and support has been a beacon of love in my life," said the 71-year-old. 

"And so we will, until the end of the year, when my good friend Chris Evans takes over. I know that you'll give him the same love and affection you've always shown to me."

And although Sir Terry's departure may have loyal fans reaching for the tissues, the presenter assures us we haven't heard the last of him.

"I'll be starting a really exciting new show... in front of you, as my live audience, presenting the very pinnacle of live music, artists, guests, and of course, you, your mail, your warmth, your wit."

Photo: ę Rex

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  • Chris Evans to fill Terry Wogan's shoes on radio breakfast show

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