Dame Shirley Bassey never wanted to be a singer

Monday January 9, 2012

Dame Shirley Bassey has confessed that she never wanted to be a singer.

The Big Spender diva - who got pregnant with her first daughter aged 16 - had other career dreams, but was catapulted on the road to fame after winning a talent contest.

She told The Sun: "I wanted to be a journalist or an air hostess. But I entered a talent contest and won. Suddenly, there I was.

"So when I had girls of my own, I wanted to give them the education that I missed. In doing so, I had to go away and work."

Dame Shirley, who turned 75 this weekend, revealed that backstage before gigs, she would dread facing the crowd.

"But once I was on and the spotlight hit me, it was magic time. It is an incredible high - you don't need drugs, drink or anything. It is electric."

She added: "Off stage, though, I am totally different. I would never have believed I could sing in front of thousands."

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