Jennifer Ellison skates on through nasty head injury

Jennifer Ellison skates on through nasty head injury

Dancing on Ice viewers were left worried when they saw contestant Jennifer Ellison suffer a bloody blow to the head.

Her injury came after she attempted a 'scorpion kick' and kicked her own head with the blade of her skating boot.

The soap star handled it like a true professional, and continued the rest of the routine with partner Dan Whiston, despite blood pouring from her scalp.

As soon as the performance was finished she was rushed off stage where she was given immediate medical attention.

At the end of the show Jennifer glided back on to the ice, after being patched up, and was relieved to find out she was still in the competition.

And it was good news all round as despite the traumatic performance, she gained the highest points of all the contestants.

Monday February 13, 2012

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