Sarah Ferguson reveals lessons learned from Diana rift

Sarah Ferguson reveals lessons learned from Diana rift

The Duchess of York has told of the lesson she learned through her rift with Diana, Princess of Wales.

The flame haired royal never properly made up with Prince Charles' former wife before she died in a car crash in 1997.

And the experience has taught her something.

The 50-year-old royal explains: "The last year before she died she was angry with me about something, so she didn't speak to me for ages, and I kept ringing her and writing her. I tried for a year to get in touch with her."

"And now I'm grateful she didn’t, in a way, because I learned that when people try to get in touch with me, I should send them a message back straight away."

Sarah told New York Magazine that Diana was: "my best friend". She continues: "We were both completely the same, the same with our thoughts. She and I were free spirits."

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Monday December 14, 2009

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