Christian Bale takes latest Terminator flick to Hollywood 

Friday May 15, 2009

Accompanied by his wife Sibi Blazic – a pal and former assistant of Winona Ryder -  Welsh actor Christian Bale attended the Hollywood premiere of his new film on Thursday.   

The hunky 35-year-old, who's had some duff press of late following a self-confessed on set rant, hopes the new movie will give audiences a chance to see him in a different light.

It's "fun" to watch, he explains. “Terminator’s a lighter movie,” says the actor, who plays freedom fighter John Connor in the film. “It’s not Apocalypse Now. We intend people to have good fun - it’s a good summer movie. Watch it with a crowd. I call that light. No matter how gritty and dark you want to make it, it’s essentially a movie to have fun to.”  

The flick, which also stars Helena Bonham Carter and Bryce Dallas Howard opens in the UK on June 3.

Photo: ę Rex

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  • Christian Bale takes latest Terminator flick to Hollywood 

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