Barack Obama steps back in time on Rosa Parks bus 

Barack Obama steps back in time on Rosa Parks bus 

President Obama took a break from campaigning to remind himself just how far his country has come in terms of civil rights.

Barack was able to sit wherever he wanted on a bus, something that before the Civil Rights Movement he wouldn't have been able to do.

Whilst in Michigan, as part of his re-election campaign, the US premier visited the historic bus which was made famous by Rosa Parks when she refused to give up her seat for a white passenger in 1955.

From then on she was known as "the first lady of civil rights" and "the mother of the freedom movement".

As the first black president of the United States it was a particularly poignant moment for him.

"I just sat in there for a moment and pondered the courage and tenacity that is part of our very recent history," he said.

Photo: © Flickr/The White House

Friday April 20, 2012

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