Simpsons reference confirms Susan Boyle's global status

Simpsons reference confirms Susan Boyle's global status

You know you've made it when your name gets mentioned on The Simpsons. Susan Boyle's international status is to be further cemented when she is referred to by cult character Homer in an episode to celebrate the programme's 20th anniversary.

In the upcoming show, titled Springfield's Got Talent, the accident-prone patriarch auditions in front of music guru Simon Cowell and reveals himself to be a fan of the Scottish singer.

"My name is Homer Simpson, I'm 39, and, well, I've never been kissed," the animated dad-of-three says, referencing Susan's own famous first audition on Britain's Got Talent in April. "My dream is to become a great singer like Susan Boyle"

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Friday May 22, 2009

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