Kylie Minogue's doubts over whether she'll have kids

Kylie Minogue's doubts over whether she'll have kids

New auntie Kylie Minogue has admitted she went gooey when she met her nephew for the first time.

But despite feeling clucky, she's not sure if starting a family is something which will happen for her.

Speaking on Australian morning show A Current Affair, Kylie recounted her first meeting with her little sister Dannii's new baby Ethan.

"Ahh it was just beautiful. He had just woken up, He was getting ready to have a bath. He’s just beautiful," she said.

She went on to air doubts about having her own kids, however.

"I do sometimes want children but I really don't know if that's going to happen for me. All I can say is we'll see."

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Thursday July 22, 2010

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