Leonardo buys Blake Lively an eco-friendly car

Leonardo buys Blake Lively an eco-friendly car

Hollywood's leading environmentalist - Leonardo DiCaprio - has bought girlfriend Blake Lively her very own Toyota Prius.

The Gossip Girl star had until now been driving a Range Rover around the Los Angeles area.

The gas guzzler was clearly a point of contention for her Inception beau who spent £24,200 on her new eco-friendly vehicle.

The hybrid car gets up to 50 miles to the gallon compared to the Range Rover's 20.

Leo - who also owns a Prius - has called it a 'step in the right direction' and arrived in the car to the Oscars two years ago as part of the Global Green USA campaign.

Despite constant rumours that they've split, this purchase seems to prove that Black and Leo are still committed.

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Tuesday August 23, 2011

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