Jennifer Aniston and Kristen Stewart up for Razzies

Jennifer Aniston and Kristen Stewart up for Razzies

The Oscars aren't the only awards Hollywood A-listers can expect to be nominated for.

This year's Golden Raspberry shortlist, 'honouring' the worst films and actors of 2010, has also been announced.

And famous faces such as Jennifer Aniston and Megan Fox are among the nominations.

Twilight star Kristen Stewart is another contender, despite her ever-expanding fanbase.

However 'Razzies' founder John Wilson said: "I know people who are into Twilight who take it totally seriously and they're very vociferous. Those of us who are not 'Twi-hards', we don't get it. 

"I don't actually know any teenage girls who have had to make the choice between a werewolf and a vampire," he cheekily added.

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Tuesday January 25, 2011

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