Tom Cruise turns to daughter Suri for career advice

Wednesday May 26, 2010

When in doubt, turn to your four-year-old daughter.

Tom Cruise has revealed his adorable girl Suri helps him decide on his next career move.

"I'll put Suri on a swing and tell her stories when I'm working on a script," the dad-of-one reveals.

"I'll start with the beginning of the movie and take her through the story beat by beat. Of course, I make it age-appropriate. She's four years old. But she asks all the right questions, 'Why does that happen?' 'Those are the bad guys?' 'You're the good guy, right?'

"It comes down to the same thing as when I was a kid. Can I create a character that will make her happy, that will make her laugh? And you know what? She makes me get better and better, because she's always asking me to do it again."

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  • Tom Cruise turns to daughter Suri for career advice

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