Nick Hewer wouldn't survive 'The Apprentice'

Nick Hewer wouldn't survive 'The Apprentice'

He may be Lord Alan Sugar's trusty aide and set to pick the next young apprentice, but Nick Hewer has admitted that he wouldn't survive being a contestant on The Apprentice.

The businessman and Countdown presenter, 68, had said that he might not even make it through the door to one of the world's most intense interviewing processes.

He said: "If I'd got through the selection process I would have been thrown out in week one."

"These kids are extraordinarily confident, without being ugly in over-confidence, and they're accomplished. At the age of 16 I would have been terrified."

He added: "I couldn't have done the big Apprentice either. I don't care what anybody says - they're under terrific pressure and I wouldn't have withstood it."

The new series of The Young Apprentice begins on November 1.

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Monday October 29, 2012

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