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Only in HELLO!: An exclusive, personal insight into new Prime Minister David Cameron

17 MAY 2010

One of the most momentous events in British politics played out with compelling drama last week.

And as newly-elected Prime Minister David Cameron makes himself comfortable in his new home, we discover the real man behind the political veneer.


In this week's magazine - issue 1124, which is on sale now - we gain a personal insight into the new PM. In an exclusive report written by GQ editor Dylan Jones, David is revealed as "a man committed to making a difference".

HELLO! also explores the relationship of Mr Cameron and his pregnant wife, whom he describes as his "secret weapon".

"People suppose Sam has some slightly fluffy job at a leather company but she has a great mind. For years it's been Sam who has been the breadwinner in the family," says a friend.

Also in this week's issue, businesswoman and socialite Goga Ashkenazi shows us her stunning home and talks of her friendship with Prince Andrew, while Queen Rania and Uma Thurman raise the glamour stakes at Arki Busson's dazzling charity ball.


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