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Bradley Cooper makes a show-stopping entrance at 'The A Team' premiere

04 JUNE 2010

You expect a limousine or perhaps just a chauffer-driven car. But you don't often get the stars arriving for their premieres on a military tank.

But then again, this was the Hollywood premiere of The A Team, so Bradley Cooper's show-stopping entrance was rather fitting.


The handsome actor, who plays Faceman in the movie, was joined on the top of the vehicle by co-star Sharlto Colply, who portrays Murdock.

The pair (pictured with male co-stars and director Joe Carnaham) were reunited with the rest of the cast - Liam Neeson - aka Hannibal – former UFC fighter Quinton "Rampage" Jackson, who plays BA Baracus, and Jessica Biel, the lady behind Captain Charisa Sosa.


The actress looked stunning in a one shouldred grecian style dress with a lace panel.

Stars turning up to see the remake of the classic Eighties series included Minnie Driver, Kristen Bell and Adrien Brody.



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