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Pretty Naomi Watts shares her friend's joy at a blissful summer wedding in Sydney



30 DECEMBER 2010

Hollywood beauty Naomi Watts couldn't have looked more delighted fulfilling a promise to a long-time friend at a wedding back home in Australia.

Radiant in a cream summer-dress, she acted as maid of honour when publicist Emma Cooper wed her TV writer love Henry Cripps on a sunnny day in Sydney.

Naomi's partner Liev Schreiber also had a key role – reading great Australian author Henry Lawson's poem After All.

The two couples are great friends, living near each other in New York, while Naomi is godmother to their six–month-old son Caspar.

Also adding to the joyous atmosphere at the ceremony were the actress' own adorable blonde-haired sons with Liev, Sasha, three, and two-year-old Samuel.



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