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Excitement as David Hasselhoff dons his red 'Baywatch' trunks again





03 JANUARY 2011

American hunk David Hasselhoff has relived his Baywatch glory days, by taking to the beach surrounded by a posse of swim-suited bathing beauties.

And during the appearance in Australia the US actor looked almost as impressive as when he played lifeguard Mitch Buchannon in the iconic series.

Wearing his character's trademark shorts, the 58-year-old arrived on Oz's famed Bondi beach in a lifeboat before strolling happily along the sand with the ladies.

"I absolutely have a love affair with Australia," he told the local media.

Asked what he was most enjoying about the trip, David replied: "The two things that are walking next to me"' referring to the models by his side.

The appearance was to promote a new range of ice lollies.



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