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Harper Seven: Why the Beckham boys were behind the unusual moniker

12 JULY 2011

Naming their newborn daughter Harper Seven has so far divided public opinion.

But a source close to David and Victoria Beckham has revealed that brothers Brooklyn, 11, and Romeo, eight, are behind the decision.



Harper is the name of a character from Disney series Wizards of Waverly Place, the boys favourite TV show (pictured below). 

"The entire family had input – Victoria and David love the name, but it was the boys who actually came up with it," they said.

"Victoria loved it because it’s an Old English name and even though Harper is an American by birth, she will always have English roots."



The second part of the name, Seven, is a number that holds personal significance for the family. “She was born in the seventh month, in the seventh hour, weighing seven pounds” a source said.

And seven also corresponds to football star David’s old shirt number for both Manchester United and England.

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