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'It's what she would have wanted': Dad hands out clothes to fans

29 JULY 2011 It was a poignant gesture that meant to much to the fans who adored Amy Winehouse.

The soul diva's grieving dad gave out some of her clothes to the crowd of people keeping vigil outside her Camden home since her untimely death.



"This is what she would have wanted," he said as he handed out t-shirts, jewellery and trinkets to surprised fans.

Sixty-year-old Mitch had visited Amy's house with her mum Janis, 56, and brother Alex to sort through her things.

The family took away some of her most treasured possessions including her guitar, notebooks and a pair of her ballet pumps.



As he left in a taxi, he said: "God bless Amy Winehouse."

Her boyfriend, film director Reg Travis was also spotted outside the flat.

Amy's family later went to a synagogue to mark the final night of "sitting shiva". This is the first phase of mourning of the Jewish religion.


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