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Celeb-inspired gift ideas: Whitehouse dog Bo

29 NOVEMBER 2011 As a pooch who spends a lot of time in the public eye, Obama family dog Bo needs to look his best.

So the Dogs Trust range of shampoos and grooming products would be ideal. Supermodel Helena Christensen even uses their Snout Balm as a lip balm.

With numerous social events taking place at the White house, a blinged-up dog collar would bring a touch of glamour to proceedings.



Hard working dogs deserve a break too. Bo wasn't allowed to accompany Michelle and daughter Sasha to Marbella last year, so he'd relish the chance to stay in the Spanish resort's Tiny Dog Hotel.

  • Dogs Trust grooming products, from £5.99, available from www.dogstrustproducts.com
  • Jewelled dog collar, from £68, available from www.luxuryhound.com
  • Stay in Marbella's Tiny Dog Hotel, From £ 19.50 a night, see www.tinydoghotel.eu

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