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Justin joins sexy Santa Mariah for traditional Christmas vid

02 DECEMBER 2011

Fifteen years on and having given birth to twins, Mariah Carey can still pull off a sexy Santa dress.

The 41-year-old looked amazing in the remake video of her 1994 hit All I Want For Christmas is You with Justin Bieber.

And the results of her recent 70lbs weight loss are clear for all to see – the mum-of-two looks trim and healthy.



Scantily clad in her festive outfit, she poses seductively against a wall in US department store Macy’s.

When the 17-year-old Canadian heart-throb and some friends walk by, he is unable to take his eyes off her.



Later the duo team up to hand out presents to shoppers from atop Santa's sleigh before cuddling up to a cute puppy.

The new version of the song appears on Justin's Christmas album Under the Mistletoe.




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