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Petra Ecclestone bags herself title of hands-on heiress

02 DECEMBER 2011

Stories of a £12 million wedding bill and an $85 million LA mansion might lead you to think that Petra Ecclestone is precious.

But here's the Formula 1 heiress and her new husband struggling through Heathrow airport with their bags like any other passengers.

The only difference, of course, is the quantity and quality of the luggage which included a Louis Vuitton carry-all.





Petra, whose mum Slavica brought her up on tales of her Croatian grandmother's fruit and veg stall, is back in London after a stint promoting her handbag line.

She and husband James Stunt will, no doubt, be catching up with Slavica, Petra's father Bernie and sister Tamara, the star of reality TV show Billion $$ Girl, over the festive period.

Accomodation in the capital won't be a problem, as the newlyweds' base is a magnificent Grade II listed house in Chelsea, with a price tag of £56 million.


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