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Youthful looking 'Dallas' cast roll back the years

30 JANUARY 2012

On screen they were always embroiled in high drama and epic power struggles, but on Sunday the cast of Dallas called a truce to present an award at the Screen Actors Guild Awards.

Time seemed to have stood still for Linda Gray, who was known to viewers of the iconic show as Sue Ellen. She looked far younger than her 71 years in an elegant white gown.



The evergreen beauty was flanked by her co-stars Larry  Hagman, her on-screen husband J.R, and Patrick Duffy, who was his brother Bobby.

And Patrick, especially, seems to have only improved with age, becoming a something of a silver fox.

The trio are back in business to promote the show, which is making a comeback on TNT later this year.



The modern Dallas will pick up where the story left off two decades ago and focus on the younger generations as they tussle for success in the family company.

Jesse Metcalfe and Josh Henderson are lined up to play the feuding offspring of Bobby and J.R.


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