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Kabbalah regards Demi's troubles as a gift, friend says

01 FEBRUARY 2012

Hollywood survivor Demi Moore will come out fighting from her latest troubles, thanks to her unwavering faith in Kabbalah, her friends believe.

The star was rushed to hospital on January 23 after a dramatic 911 call, but a source close to the actress has told US publication People that her problems "can be an opportunity, a blessing, and not a curse".



"The right intervention happened in her life. From a spiritual sense, it is a gift. She has a real opportunity to grow from it. She has to take responsibility for her life" the friend added.

The positive spin is in keeping with Kabbalah, the Jewish faith which dictates that problems are blessings in disguise.

For many years, the religion has been a mainstay in her life, with the actress turning to her mentors during her marriage troubles.


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