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New parents Beyonce and Jay-Z net a night off at basketball

21 FEBRUARY 2012

It's the first time they've been pictured together in public since welcoming baby daughter, Blue Ivy into the world.

And Beyonce and Jay-Z couldn't look happier after tearing themselves away from their little princess to enjoy some time together.




The superstars looked relaxed and happy as they sat courtside at a basketball game between the New York Knicks and the New Jersey Nets.

Jay-Z co-owns the New Jersey outfit along with Russian oligarch, Mikhail Dmitrievitch.

Between cuddles and complicit whispers, the new parents followed the match animatedly. At one point, the pair became the centre of attention as one of the players waved over to their seats.

And with her little girl tucked up safely at home, Beyonce was delighted to oblige a shy young fan who wanted her ball signed.


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