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Break-dancing Justin Theroux goes head over heels for Jennifer

22 FEBRUARY 2012

They say that women are attracted by men who can move.

So it's no wonder that Jennifer Aniston is smitten with Justin Theroux, who it seems knows how to shake his stuff.

Talking on the Ellen DeGeneres Show to promote new movie Wanderlust , Justin revealed that he loves to dance, and that his lady is "obsessed" by his party trick.




"I breakdanced at a friend's wedding, so Jennifer has been saying, 'When are you going to breakdance?'" he revealed.

"If I don't have my 'breaking shoes' then I don’t breakdance" he added, but not before host Ellen had time to pull out a bag with his masterful moccasins, kindly sent over by Jennifer.

Magic followed as the actor proceeded to show the world how he snared Hollywood's golden girl.




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