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The sky's the limit as Richard celebrates new venture

05 APRIL 2012

Gorgeous girls, green men and a riotous day of fun played out to the theme tune from Rocky – whoever said that being a businessman was boring? 

Life is certainly never tedious for Virgin tycoon Richard Branson, whose latest venture was launched with all his usual razzmatazz.




The mogul was in suitably high spirits as he inaugurated a new route – California to Philadelphia – on his Virgin America airline.

He was joined by his glossy flight crew, model Amber Rose, and the Green Man – an iconic character from the show it’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.



Closing the day with a round of interviews, Richard was asked to give advice to other entrepreneurs inspired by his hands on approach.

"You know, my motto in life is, 'screw it, just do it,' so we give things a try, and generally speaking, we're successful," he concluded.


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