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Johnny vamps it up as a scary bloodsucker in gothic comedy

12 APRIL 2012

His face a pale mask, and wild staring eyes framed by shadows, Johnny Depp looks frightfully good as a vampire in the new Tim Burton movie.

New film stills show the Hollywood heart-throb in character as Barnabas Collins in gothic comedy Dark Shadows.

He is seen being locked away in a coffin by Eva Green's character, Angelique Bouchard.

The former Bond girl is almost unrecognizable in a platinum blonde wig.

Dark Shadows is a remake of the Sixties TV show, and marks Johnny's eighth collaboration with Edward Scissorhands director Tim.

He takes on the role of rich and powerful ladies man Barnabus, who is turned into a vampire and locked away by Angelique after he breaks her heart.

Two centuries later he wakes up in the Seventies to find the world very different indeed.

The film, also stars Michelle Pfeiffer, Hugo actress Chloe Moretz, Helena Bonham Carter and Johnny Lee Miller.


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