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Robin Gibb's family 'praying' as the star remains in a coma

16 APRIL 2012

With her head held high and a strained smile on her face, Robin Gibb's wife Dwina cuts a brave figure as she arrives to visit the ailing singer in hospital.

The Bee Gee's devoted partner is keeping a bedside vigil after her husband slipped into a coma on Friday evening.



Robin is now battling pneumonia in a private facility in London where doctors fear he may have mere days to live.   

Despite the uncertainty, the star's family have rallied round and his son Robin-John said they were praying for a full recovery. 

A statement on RobinGibb.com said: "Sadly the reports are true that Robin has contracted pneumonia and is in a coma."

"We are all hoping and praying that he will pull through."



Robin-John had been due to collaborate on a project with his father earlier this month, but the event went ahead without the singer.

Speaking of his father's legacy, the 29-year-old said: "If people say that I’m living in my  father's shadow, all I can say is what a great shadow that is to be living in."

The music icon's latest health problems come after a long battle with cancer.

Robin initially made a recovery from cancer of the liver and colon, but now doctors believe a second tumour may have caused his latest setback.

His wife of 27 years has been a constant pillar of support through his most challenging times.

When he was admitted to hospital in 2010 with a blocked intestine – the same condition that killed his brother and band mate Maurice – it was Dwina who raised the alarm.

"I refused to leave as I knew instinctively it was a matter of life or death,” she told HELLO! at the time.

Robin said he and his wife were "ideally matched".


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