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Lights, camera, action: Rihanna's new fan Steven Spielberg puts her in the picture

19 APRIL 2012 Even when he's not working, Steven Spielberg can't take his mind off shooting films.

Though admittedly, this motion picture was slightly different to his usual efforts.

With the party in full swing, and Rihanna whipping the crowd up into a frenzy with one of her high energy performances, the director took out his phone and captured the action.



And he may well be sizing her up for his next silver screen venture.

If so, the singer is well prepared  she recently made her film debut as a gun-toting soldier opposite Liam Neeson in Battleship.
The pair were kicking back at a benefit for EIF's Women's Cancer Research Fund, which Steven presided over.

Fellow guests included Sheryl Crow, who has battled breast cancer, Tom Hanks' wife Rita Wilson and Friends actress Lisa Kudrow.

Actor Kirk Douglas joined his wife Anne, co-founder of the women's cancer charity, at the bash.


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