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Kate Winslet moves back to Britain to be with her RocknRoll beau


A year after they began dating, Kate Winslet and her boyfriend Ned RocknRoll, who is the nephew of Virgin mogul Richard Branson are moving in together, reports the Daily Telegraph.

Ned, real name, Abel Smith enticed the Hollywood actress back to Britain from New York, where she'd been living for several years with her two children, Mia, nearly 12, and Joe, eight.

Her spokesman told the paper: "I can confirm that Kate has moved back to the UK and that she and Ned RocknRoll are now living together."



Kate, who turns 37 on October 5, has reportedly bought a 15th-century house in a hamlet in West Sussex for £2million with her boyfriend.

The couple had rather a dramatic start to their relationship, meeting on Necker Island, the Virgin boss' Caribbean retreat, on a holiday during which a fire broke out.

Luckily, they both lived to tell the tale and have been inseparable ever since.

Moving back to Britain would mean that the star was closer to Mia's father, director Jim Threapleton.

It's not known if Joe's father, Sam Mendes, the Oscar winning British film maker, plans to move too. Kate and Sam went their separate ways two years ago after a seven-year marriage.

The actress has now put the Big Apple penthouse they shared together up for rent at a cost of £18,500.


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