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Keith Lemon bans Katie Price from 'Celebrity Juice' after her feud with Kelly Brook

20 MARCH 2013

Celebrity Juice host Keith Lemon has banned Katie Price from appearing on his show after her recent confrontation with his fellow presenter Kelly Brook.

The feud kicked off in February when Katie reacted to photos of Kelly's latest New Look swimwear shoot by calling her a "heifer" and saying she was shocked by Kelly's size. The row escalated when Katie posted an unflattering paparazzi shot of Kelly on Twitter. 

On the first episode of the new series of Celebrity Juice, Kelly retaliated by comparing Katie to Cameron Diaz's sun worshipping next-door neighbour Magda in the film There's Something About Mary.



Presenter Keith – aka comedian Leigh Francis – justified his decision to ban the mum-of-three by saying that Katie's previous appearances weren't up to scratch and that the model "didn't relax" during filming.

Ms Brook is a replacement on the celebrity panel while Fearne Cotton is on maternity leave. Kelly and Keith have clearly bonded on the show, leading many to believe the ban is related to the brunette's recent confrontation with Katie Price.

Both models have romantic ties to rugby star Danny Cipriani, Kelly's rumoured current boyfriend. Katie briefly dated Danny, 25, in October 2011. But now the sportsman seems to have reconciled with his on-off love.



Although the couple have not yet officially announced that they are back together, Kelly and Danny have been spotted together on various occasions since Kelly's split from long-term boyfriend Thom Evans.