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Shakira's son Milan gets his first passport

06 APRIL 2013 Shakira has added another adorable photo of son Milan Pique Mubarak to her growing collection on Instagram. The Waka Waka singer posted an image of the youngster for her fans, showing him sitting with dad Gerard Pique awaiting him first passport.

At two-months-old Milan is now getting ready to join in his parent's jet-setting lifestyle, now holding his very own passport.

Milan Pique Mubarak

"Daddy and son waiting for Milan's passport! Papa e hijo en la comisaría esperando el pasaporte de Milan!!" proud mother Shakira added as the picture's caption, appealing to both her English and Spanish-speaking fans.

Dressed in a cute blue checked shirt and navy trousers, Milan can be seen sitting patiently on his footballer Dad's knee.

Milan is perhaps getting a passport in time to join his mum on her trip to America as The Voice returns to US screens. Shakira will join Usher and existing coaches Blake Shelton and Maroon 5's Adam Levine for the programme's fourth series.


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