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David and Victoria Beckham: The story of the couple who have conquered the world as he's tipped for a knighthood

11 NOVEMBER 2013 As a man who has often spoken of his tremendous respect for the royal family, it will be a proud day for David Beckham if he receives a knighthood in the New Year's Honours List as reported over the weekend. His devoted wife Victoria Beckham will no doubt be by his side to share the special moment at Buckingham Palace.


When they embarked on married life as a young couple in 1999, David and Victoria probably couldn't have imagined quite what a rich and exciting life lay ahead of them. From their invitation to the royal wedding to his successful sporting career and her triumph in the world of fashion the couple's story has been full of exciting chapters.

Click on the photo to see pictures of the popular husband and wife right from the start of their courtship.


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