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Celebrate Independence day with an all-American shake

A delicious suggestion for a July 4 feast

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02 JULY 2009

American Independence day arrives on 4 July and it seems the perfect excuse to crank out some food from across the pond.

In honour of our US cousins, who have taken diner style food to an art-form, it would only be fitting to serve up an American style meal this Saturday. Get the barbecue fired up and dig into a burger and if the weather isn’t too fab try chicken tacos instead.

For an American pud you’re spoilt for choice with pancakes, a classic chocolate fudge cake or good ‘ol ice cream.

Now, if you are going to eat ‘diner-style’ you have to have the right drink – some might say a coke float, but a milkshake is arguably the perfect partner. The kind chaps over at Planet Hollywood have shared their top milkshake recipes with us to get your party off with slurp! Check out the strawberry shake, the white chocolate shake and the Oreo one.


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