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Desperate Housewives star Eva to open up Vegas eatery

Eva Longoria Parker to launch second restaurant

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Eva Longoria Parker will be opening her second food offering in 2010, serving up similar food to her LA eatery but with a touch of Vegas glam 

18 AUGUST 2009

Eva Longoria Parker, the beautiful star of Emmy-winning ABC series Desperate Housewives, is to open her second restaurant, Beso, in Las Vegas.

The venue is still under construction but the food and drinks will be similar to her first restaurant in Hollywood with a Mexican feel, including dishes such as tortilla soup, flatbread and guacamole.

The actress takes a very hands-on role in running her restaurants as she feels they are "like my second home. [My husband] Tony would eat there morning, noon and night if it was open!”

She will also be flying into Vegas once a month to oversee the business – and soon she will be able to sample her food in the airport as she has plans to open ‘besitos’, little versions of her Beso restaurant with the first one opening in LA shortly. 


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