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Alpine Fun-fare

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29 JANUARY 2010

As soon as someone mentions the Alps to me I think of two of my favourite things – skiing and food. The warming hearty fare you get served in those little quirky French mountainside restaurants is always two things – mega-expensive and utterly delicious. It’s also always just what you need when you’ve been skiing all day.

But – that would be to pretend we need an excuse to cook up these delicious dishes! There are few more satisfying ingredients than more-ish, melting cheese and we’ve got some fantastic recipes for you to try out showcasing some of the finest cheeses from the Alps.

Some of these are a little ‘funky’ like Epoisses de Bourgoigne, but do feel free to vary them to something to suit your taste. The cheeses in these recipes from are pretty much interchangeable.

Spiced butternut squash soup and Reblochon PDO fritters
Epoisses, spiced butternut squash and spinach bake
Quiche Normande


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