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03 JUNE 2010

Those who like getting up early in the morning are few and far between. With the De Longhi PrimaDonna Avant, however, even the heaviest sleeper could be roused from sweet slumber by the beautiful smell of its freshly made coffee.

The machine works with both fresh beans and ground coffee, meaning you firstly buy whatever type of coffee you prefer but also you get a fresh cup every time.

It’s got a modern feel to it with a touch screen that allows you to select the type of coffee you want (espressos to lattes and everything in between) to the strength and even the length. The crema is unrivalled by any domestic coffee machine I've tried so far.

A milk frothing function means you can make great cappuccinos or hot chocolate for the children (or for you, on a cold, wintry day!).

One final little joy is the fact the machine cleans itself, so you can just sit back and enjoy a coffee break. This pleasure does come at quite a price – but it’s a great piece of kit for the coffee buff.

De Longhi PrimaDonna Avant RRP £1395


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