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A good thing going on

09 JUNE 2011 Occasionally a book comes along that is astonishing in its simplicity and honesty; a refreshing look at home cooked food from a fantastic home cook.

Lucas Hollweg is the fantastic home cook, creating simple, delicious recipes perfectly suited to the creative, fashionable kitchen-phile.

In Good Things to Eat, Lucas cooks uncomplicated, unhurried, tasty food and his layman’s understanding of what needs detailed explanation and what doesn’t make this book a brilliant partner in the kitchen.

His recipes are inspiring, delicious and kitchen classics in the making – from a bowl of quails with spiced yogurt to the chocolate marmalade slump cake via duck with apples and shallots, fennel with pear and pomegranate and couscous salad with dried figs and orange.

Good Things to Eat serves as a reminder that in the kitchen, simplest is almost always best.

Click here to read Lucas’ recipe for strawberry and cucumber salad

Good Things to Eat by Lucas Hollweg, published by Collins, RRP £20


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