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Ingredient of the week: sweet summer strawberries

16 JUNE 2011 Eating strawberries in the middle of winter can bring a little ray of sunshine to a cold day – but their flavour is only so sweet because they’ve been absent for so long.

The perfect strawberry, without a doubt, is the one warmed by the summer sun, so full of juice and life that it is almost bursting at the seams – a little flavour explosion just waiting to be set off.

The English strawberry is about as good a fruit as one could find particular when showcased in the classic Eton Mess or Summer Pudding. But really, these are gilding the lily – for is the strawberry’s most perfect partner a tub of thick, yellow clotted cream, the crust cracked with the tip of the red fruit?

Oddly, the strawberry is not classified by botanists as a true berry because its seeds are found on the outside. But our strawbs are definitely found in the fruitbowl.

Click here to check out the recipe for brandy snaps with strawberry mousse which comes from the ‘Strawberry Tea’ Breast Cancer Care website – head on over to the site by clicking here for details of how to host your own fund raising Strawberry Tea this summer as well as lots more delicious strawberry recipes!


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