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Going, going green

06 OCTOBER 2011 Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall has captured the hearts and wallets of a nation recently with his Fish Fight campaign which saw him successfully swing the fish-buying public towards more sustainably sourced fish.

With his latest book, Veg one could argue he goes one step further – encouraging us to make the most of veggies. Hugh’s self-professed aim in the book is not to lecture us about eating more veg but to do it by more under-hand means – tempting us with the utterly delicious.

There are those strictly non-vegetarian recipes with ingredients like parmesan and fish sauce, but for the main meat is absent. The book doesn’t feel in any way like it’s lacking as a result – tasty, creative treats and twists such as curried bubble and squeak along with 200 other delicious vegetarian recipes will satisfy even the most ardent meat-eater.


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