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Share your signature dish with new 'Food Twitter'

26 MARCH 2012

A new phone app is putting home cooks on an equal footing with culinary superstars.

Platter, based in London, uses food photography to help ordinary cooks share great ideas. According to research from 360i, 52% of people use their mobiles to take photos, with 19% posting them on the internet and vast amounts capturing cookery.

It is a fun, interactive way of getting those food photos in one place, encouraging more cooks to share ideas than ever before.



The food app distinguishes itself from generic photo networks like Instagram by tagging ingredients, letting users find ideas for particular foods. And if you tag what's in your cupboard, a live feed of suggestions comes to you automatically.

'There's no snobbery on Platter' says Will Hodson, the app's co-founder. Platter celebrates 'individuality, improvisation and just having a go.'


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