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HELLO! Online invites you to join our fantastic new cuisine community — The Recipe Room

27 MARCH 2012 Great news for foodies and cuisine connoisseurs as HELLO! Online launches an exciting new cuisine community, The Recipe Room. (recipes.hellomagazine.com)

Our new blogging community enables readers with a passion for food to sign up and share recipes, cooking tips and general cuisine knowledge.


Bloggers will also have the chance to win monthly prizes and recognition for popular posts and content.

Are you a budding chef who wants to share their ideas with like-minded folk? Sign up now to get blogging.

HELLO!'s Community Manager, Tom Burgess, says: "The Recipe Room is a really exciting new addition to our online community and one that we hope will soon be buzzing with great food ideas for everyone.

"It's easy to join and anyone can sign up and start their own blog about their own food passion."

"Whatever your taste or culinary expertise, The Recipe Room is the perfect place to get sharing your fabulous dishes or find inspiration yourself."

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